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21.04.2006, 02:35
I have a equium a60 155 model no psa67e-00300cj8 at I keep getting a stop 0x00000010 messages I have done most things and it is almost definatly a hardware driver conflict with windows xp. is anyone aware of any hardware conflics. The error message on bootup (when i can get it to) identifies os ver 5_1_2600 sp2-0 product 768-1 as the cause.

If I use product recovery disc I get a message saying that a system registry had to be recovered

Please help

21.04.2006, 09:51
Hi Aceman

If you want to know exactly what this error message means Google a little bit and you will find a proper explanation.

More interesting is your report about registry when you want to recover the unit. I don’t know how you recover the unit but if you do this on right way there is no messages because the whole partition and preinstalled OS will be removed “merciless” without any messages or even any warning.

Is the recovery procedure known to you? If not please write again. I will explain you detailed.

Good luck!

21.04.2006, 15:36
I am getting different problems on the stop messages always irql_not_less_or_equal to interestingly on one occassion it was preceeded with the word Driver after running chk disc. Two stop messages are the most common 0x0000000a (0x0a060006,0x00000016,0x00000001,0x804e2219 (3times) & 0x0000000a (0x0000116c,0x0000002,0x00000001,0x804fibi3 (twice)

always IRQ < or = to and a phys mem dump in the message.

I dont understand why it would need a system reg recovery after recovery. I would appreciate any assistance.

I am getting despirate as I have installed extra Toshiba memory (no help) formatted the hard drive, it happens even in safe mode so it is a system critical driver (Monitor, graphic etc.)

21.04.2006, 15:48

You have suggested that you have installed additional memory on the notebook. This error messages seems like a memory fault or something like that. In this case I assume the issue has something to do with the memory upgrade.
Maybe you have used a not compatible modules or the memory module has a malfunction. I would recommend checking it.

21.04.2006, 15:51
The memory upgrade was done to try to solve the problem this happens with or without the memory upgrade.

21.04.2006, 16:02
Oh. I understand.
Well, I have no precise answer for your problem. It would be very interesting to know if this issue occurs with a original Microsoft Windows OS. If you have one you could check it.

But the Toshiba recovery CD should works without any problems. If this issue occurs every time after recovering procedure you should ask the Toshiba service partner for the help.
Sorry this is all what I can suggest.