View Full Version : Equium A60-155: Win98 on recovery disc?

17.04.2006, 18:24
I'm having multiple problems with my laptop but after trying to use the product recovery disc, it says that it is starting windows 98 rather than windows xp which was originally on it. I can't even install that because it seems i have a overheating problem and it turns off before finishing the task but is it possible that I have the wrong cd? IT is definitely the cd that came with the machine when i bought it. Please help, i'm tearing my hair out and it would be great to at least sovle one problem!!!

17.04.2006, 22:03

you can try to clean the heatsink from dust with vacuum cleaner.

And don't worry about the recovery disc, it is the right one. Win98 will only be loaded from disc, but XP will be installed.


19.04.2006, 00:36
Thanks for your help. I did suck the dust out with the vaccuum cleaner and xp did eventually install!
Thanks again