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16.04.2006, 16:46
I heard that SP 6100 had a problem with power connector which causes orange light on start up and not booting at all.
My toshiba has failed to start up so often so i can't longer rely on it with my work.
It is out of warranty and i don't want to spend lots of money fixing it, but it is pity to throw this away.
Any suggestions?


20.04.2006, 09:25
First of all - what orange light does appear on the startup?

There are some differences. If the orange light is ligthen the whole time (not blinking), it means the battery will be charged. If the orange light is blinking, then there is some other issue. But to solve this issue, i'm sorry to say, i haven't a answer for you.

br, rYan

20.04.2006, 16:03

If the power led lights orange it means the unit is connected to the AC adapter but the notebook it not on. The battery LED light orange during the charging procedure. If the battery LED is green it means the battery is full charged.
Sorry but the orange LED says nothing. If there is something wrong with the power supply or with other parts the LED blinking.

If you have sometimes problems to boot up the unit I would recommend removing the battery for a several time. Then plug in the battery and try to start the unit again

15.05.2006, 10:57
I'm afraid I'm having the same problem as Leodes. Power supply by adapter gives green LED and battery loading. So far so good, but...
After pressing the ON/OFF button, nothing happens.
Only the the DC IN - LED flickers in a certain frequency:
in morse : .-.....-
in BIN : 01000001

Nothing else happens....

I've purchased a new battery, but no changes.

What can be wrong ??

Manusje van Alles

15.05.2006, 11:58
Sorry, I have bad news for you. The blinking code appears if there is something wrong with the hardware.
Code: 0100 0001 you have to read it backwards 1000 0010 = 82h

The Toshiba service partner should know what's meaning by error 82h
You should ask him for the help.

Please check also your another posting about the same issue:

15.05.2006, 13:44

The problem is the Battery power board located under the mouse pad. There is a fix for this if you take it in to your ASP. This circuit board controlls the power supplied from the battery, which means when it goes bad the computer goes into protection, ie: blinking orange light. If you change out this PCB the computer should work like a charm. Or your local ASP can fix the board and it should work like a charm as well.

Either way, I want to say the board costs ?17, or it could possibly be ?34, can not remember off the top of my head, but its either one or the other I believe. I hope you manage to resolve this issue. As well as if your great at soldering, you could even try and repair it yourself, but if you mess up even the slightest, you will have to buy a new one.

Best of luck, and have a good day.

15.05.2006, 16:04
Thanks for these fast and good replies on both issues. I've been contacting a very expensive phonenumber and could keep the converstation very short because of your answer. I have to bring it to an ASP ofcourse, but OK... I'll send in another post whenever it's solved.


23.05.2006, 19:54
Well, within one week my Satellite Pro 6100 went up and down to Toshiba Holland and is fixed. They have fixed the modification at the systemboard for free (coulance) and they've discovered a failure at the FL - inverter, and replaced it. Besides transport it's been done for about 85,00 Euro's.

Thank you all for helping me out !