View Full Version : Replacement PSU for Satellite Pro 6100

15.04.2006, 04:35
I've just had the PSU from my old SP6000 (PA2450U) die on me and wanted to know if I should replace it with the same model or a different one as I was using it on my SP6100. I have found out that the PA2450U only gives out 45W of power (now I notice!!)

The info page for the SP6100 says that the PSU should be 75W and I can't find the model number.

Can anyone tell me if this would be OK or not??


16.04.2006, 17:04

the AC adapter for SP6100 and SP6000 is the same. If you use another one, be sure that it has not more than 75W.

Here are the specs:
PA3083U-1ACA Universal AC Adaptor - 100-240V AC self-adjusting,50-60 Hz,15 V, 5 A,75 W,400g


18.04.2006, 20:18

You should always use the supported AC adapters. The usage of different AC adapters can damage the notebook.
But I agree with Stefan. The compatible and recommended AC adapter is PA3083U-1ACA
This part you can also order from the service partner.