View Full Version : Poor performance on Tecra T9100

12.04.2006, 16:39
Hi my Tecra t9100 runs very slow even when theres no activity, looking at Windows task manager > processes, taskmgr.exe is active and takes up most of the processing. Performance>CPU usage history runs at about 95-100% resulting in very little system idle.

can anyone help please..

18.04.2006, 09:57

On this way it is not easy to say why the performance is so bad. I have one unit in my office with 512 MB of RAM and it works well. I use it sometimes for graphic editing and there is no problem at all.

Every unit is individual configured and preinstalled. I recommend you to check all running processes. I have noticed that many antivir tools are responsible for slow notebook performance. Disable all useless processes and on this way the CPU will have more power for other applications.

By the way: how many RAM is there?

18.04.2006, 22:43
512Mb, I've even re-built it but it still runs slow as anything, you're talking of about 5 mins before the system is available to use !