View Full Version : Toshiba 5200-903: TV-out

12.04.2006, 11:02

My English is not very good and I hope you will understand me.

First I will tell you some basic details of my System:
Hardware: Toshiba S5200-903
OS: Debian Linux Kernel 2.6.15-1-686

I want to use the TV-out of my System. I need this mainly to connect to my audio-device. The normal audio-out (where normaly for example the head-set is beeing connected) is demaged; it only runs the right or left channel (I don't know which it is).

So how can I konfigure this TV-out in Debian Linux?

thanks - benny

12.04.2006, 16:07

The TV-out Composite 3.5mm video-Jack with stereo audio is available on this unit.
If you want to use it you have to use a cable with 1x composite and 2x cinch audio (left/right) connectors.

Iím not sure about the software side. Like you know the Toshiba doesnít support the Linux but a usually sound driver should also works.