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11.04.2006, 09:35

I want to upgrade my equium l20-264's memory to the maximum which is about 2G I think and was wondering which memory parts I require to do this? It is currently running the standard 256mb but I am unsure if I need to replace that 256 with a higher memory AND get another one to make up the amount or if I can just buy one memory that'll do the job.Also is the fitting of them something I can do myself or will I need to take it somewhere for them to do it?

The other thing is the battery life is only 1.5hours and was hoping to get a higher capacity battery for it? does anyone know if I can do this and if so what battery would I need and how long does it last?

Thanks in advance


11.04.2006, 12:53
Hi Gats,

Your notebook has two memory banks (usually accessible under a small flap on the bottom of the unit). It should have just one slot in use at present with a 256Mb card installed. New RAM modules are available in 256Mb, 512Mb and 1Gb sizes so to get the full 2Gb you will need to replace the existing 256Mb card with 2 X 1Gb modules.

The Toshiba UK website does not list any available options for your model (!?!) but I have found available options on the following web-site :-


I don't believe it will be possible to fit an extra capacity battery to your notebook and the 1.5 hours that you quote seems about right to me for this model.


11.04.2006, 13:49
Hi Nicky,

thanks for that and for the link. I reckon rather than mess around with a small upgrade here and then later on upgrade again I think I'll just get the full 2GB in one go and have done with it! Good news that I can do it myself aswell.

Shame about the battery though I was hoping to be able to get one that lasts longer than the standard 1.5hours - I guess I'll just have to make sure I'm near a power point!

thanks again


11.04.2006, 19:30
Hi Gats

Compatible 1 GB memory module for your unit has part number PA3411U-1M1G.

About battery I can just tell that 1.5 hour is “standard battery life”. Please don’t understood me wrong but L20 is low budget unit and you can not expect “the best quality”. I can run my Tecra about 2.5 hours but Tecra costs like 2 or even 3 L20 units.

Good luck!