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11.04.2006, 02:02
I have four Satellite Pro laptops - two 4200 series and two 4300 series. I would like to get an idea of how many models back they are from the current SP range (I know they are about 6/7 years old.) What models came after the 4300 series (and in what order?) Was there a 4400 series etc? I've seen 4600 series models but what came after them up to the present date?

Also, can someone explain in simple terms the different designations in the current SP range - I find it all very confusing. There appear to be 'M' models, 'A' models 'L' models and 'P' models - it's all very confusing but I'm sure there must be a logical pattern to these designations - it's just I haven't spotted it yet!!

Can someone explain in simple terms please? Lastly, in deciding on replacements for my ageing SP 4200/4300 units, docking is important. Does anyone know which models in the Toshiba range (not just SP range) have docking capability?


11.04.2006, 18:08
Hi Steve

I don’t know if I can give you precise answer but I will give my best. First of all it is important that SP series description is a little bit different and it depends in which country it was produce. For example SP 4200 and 4300 is listed as model for Canada. For US market there are for example 4320, 4340 and 4360. For Europe 4310CDS, 4310 CDT, 4320 CDT, 4330CDS and 4340CDT models. As you can see the model description is not the same.

I don’t know how many SP models are designed till now I have found info about some of them:
- Canada – 4600, 6000, 6100, M10, M40 and M70
- Europe – 4600, 6000, 6050, 6070, 6100, A10, A30, A40, A60, A100, L10-C, L10-P, L20, M10, M30, M40, M40X, M70 and P100.
US models are not known to me but try to check Toshiba US page.

Description C means that unit has Intel-Celeron-M processor.
Description P means that unit has Pentium-M (Centrino) processor.

Docking capability - Satellite Pro (not all models) and notebook from business series – Tecra and Portege (all models).

That is all what I know abut that. Forgive me if I have forgotten something.

Good luck!