View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4310: Sound quality changes many times

10.04.2006, 23:52
How can help me? The Problem is as follows:
When I play songs(mp3 or wave), you can listen the song for a short time in a normal quality. After few seconds the
song listen slower.
Afterwards the song start in the normal quality and this go´s up and down. Also an update for my Soundcard was not a solution.

so how can help me.....
thanks in advance


11.04.2006, 16:51

On this way it is really not easy to say what happen there. In my opinion just an intensive investigation can give you more answers.
Does problem persist with different players, different medias (DVDs or music CDs)?
If yes in my opinion there must be some hardware problem. I am not technician and can not give you a precise answer but try to sort out if it can be caused by software or hardware malfunction.

11.04.2006, 23:37

Thanks for your answer.
Yes i tried this, but the Problem exist also with different players and medias. The problem exist also when i make a internet phone call.
So i have to surch again whats happen....

12.04.2006, 15:14

I am not 100% sure but I think that your problem can be caused by modem problem. Try to call repair center in your country. Explain them the problem I believe that they will know exactly what the problem is.

Like I already said I believe that modem has this negative influence.

12.04.2006, 23:19
thanks for your Info.I will try this one. But the best way is, to by a new PC.