View Full Version : Equium A60: How to remove the CD/DVD Drive

10.04.2006, 23:34
I own an Equium A60 PSA67E and need to know how to remove the CD/DVD Drive. A few days ago I tried to totally remove the underside of my laptop by removing all of the screws. After doing this I found that most of the underside was loose but the CD/DVD drive was still held in place, meaning I couldn

11.04.2006, 15:53

I’m not 100% sure but I believe there is a screw under the keyboard which secure the drive. You should remove the keyboard and check if there are screws which secure the drive.

11.04.2006, 16:00

The drive replacement is not easy because you must remove the keyboard at first. After that you must remove the black bind screw at the bottom side. It must be placed somewhere in the middle. After that turn the unit over and open display. Under the keyboard there is one “security button” that must be pushed when you want to put the drive out. It is somewhere in place of key C or V.

Sorry but I have no better explanation.

Good luck