View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4600 won't power up

09.04.2006, 22:57
The machine (not mine) suddenly went 'dead' apart from the led's lighting up, though it had been behaving normally before it was switched off.
When it was given to us to see what we could do, I feared a mobo failure, but when we lifted it up at an angle and pressed the power up button, it started. Everything was as it should be from then on - until we turned it off, then same thing happened, and again, it started, eventually, while I was holding it at an angle.

We thought at first it was a faulty switch that could be replaced, but now we think it is more likely to be something that is broken and makes intermittent contact when in the right position.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and can tell us a bit more about what we are up against please?

12.04.2006, 15:01

Itís not easy to say why this issue occurs. Sure, it sounds like a hardware fault but I canít give you a proper answer whatís wrong exactly.
Well, I think the best way is to contact the Toshiba service partner. He can start the diagnostic test to analyze the malfunction.