View Full Version : Wireless Lan connection with a Satellite Pro 2100

09.04.2006, 22:37
Even though my work laptop has a wireless switch (on/off) and LED on the side (under the floppy drive), it doesn't seem to pick up a wireless connection, or have wireless options on the relevant section of the Control Panel.

Is this a hardware issue (ie it's wireless ready, but doesn't have it installed) or a Windows issue?


11.04.2006, 14:10

The WLan card is optional on the Satellite Pro 2100.
In this case it's possible that your unit has all switches but no WLan card installed.
I would recommend checking the device manager. There you should find the WLan card it the card is installed.

18.04.2006, 22:14
Thanks. I can't find it on the device manager. I'll get a plug-in...