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07.04.2006, 14:32
When I turn on my notebook, I get an error "selectable bay lock key unlocked" Does anybody know what this means and what I have to do ?!

(I'm sorry.. I don't know anything about computers and stuff..)

Can someone help me?!

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07.04.2006, 14:44

I presume that your Tecra has a select bay DVD-ROM (can be removed). Please remove the drive for a short time and put it in place again and be sure that drive is connected properly and that the release switch is in right position.

By the way: which notebook model you have?

07.04.2006, 14:49

I don't have an DVD-ROM.. yeah.. i have one, but that is a uhh.. how can i say this.. one thats on my USB..And not connect with my notebook right now. (I'm sorry i'm Dutch, i don't know if you understand me =D )
And.. uhm.. the model..

I dont know *shame shame* and i can't find it anywhere.

07.04.2006, 14:55
Hi again Elli

Please check the notebook description on the bottom side. Every notebook has a label with model name or number (for example TECRA M1 or Satellite 1900-703), serial number and model number.

It will be very interesting to know which Tecra notebook you have (when posted in Tecra forum).

07.04.2006, 15:00
Hi again..

It is a Tecra T8000.. PAT80 AE- p963-nl
DC 15V
3.0 A

*really.. i have NO idea what this means..* serial number also, or is this enough?

07.04.2006, 15:19

It is not important which drive you have. The fact is that your unit has select bay module. If you don't have CD-ROM maybe you have floppy drive or maybe second HDD. Anyway check please that this select bay module is in right position and that secondary select bay lock button is also in right position. Like Silas already said try to remove this drive and put it again into place till you hear when the select bay make a clicking noise. If this happen the drive is in right position and everything should be ok.

If the problem persists I presume that selectable bay lock key is not in right position. Check it please (bottom side near the module)!

07.04.2006, 15:22
Thank you :)

I'm gonna wait til my dad is home.. than he can fix it for me ..(A)


RS Mallory
12.05.2006, 00:04
Tecra 8000 displays the bay lock key unlocked. Pulled out cd rom and let it set
5 mintues. Snapped back in. Still get same message. Can anyone help please?

12.05.2006, 11:35

I really donít know how to help in your case. If you read carefully this topic you will find everything that you can try to do. If there is no success maybe is there some mechanical problem. It is really not possible to say more than already has been wrote there.

12.05.2006, 19:09
I believe this message is by design. It is intended to warn the user that the selectbay is in an unlocked state.

Later models of Tecra (e.g. 8100) do not display such a message. To avoid this warning, simply slide the lever on the side of the unit from "padlock unlocked" icon towards the "padlock locked" icon.