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06.04.2006, 17:57
I have a Equium A60 (PSA67E) with Celeron 2.80ghz, 192 ram, windows XP and a ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7000IGP which i bought jan 2005.
I use the laptop and after bout 10 mins a message appear and says the driver has stopped working and that i need a new one. Which driver do i need to download for this to stop happening? ive looked at other people with problems with the infanite loop, and its bin recommended to download an updared bios will this help??

I've emailed ATI and they said i have to get in contact with toshiba

Also it's is soooo slow when i try and work on it, I've defragmented it but it still runs slow. Would this becaure of having 192 ram?

thank you for your help

06.04.2006, 20:06

First of all I would recommend trying the graphic card driver from the Toshiba driver page:
Choose you unit and OS and download and install the driver.

In my opinion your unit should use min 256MB of memory.
But this is not only the memory issue. Some software programs and background processes could decrease the notebook performance.

07.04.2006, 11:44

Like Jack already said try to reinstall display driver. You can find it on Toshiba download page.
If the unit is very slow there are many different reasons for that. You must take the care about operating system. Periodically you must use defragmenter and disc cleanup tools. I have noticed many times that antivir application that runs in the background slows the running OS rapidly. Many other applications and running processes can slow down running OS. Check which of them are useless and disable option that they start with Windows at the startup.

Your unit has no much RAM (because of shared memory has only 192 MB of RAM) and in my opinion you should expand it with 256 MB if possible.

07.04.2006, 12:01
ive read on the forums that some people were having problems that when they downloaed the driver that it the OS wouldnt then work it said "have installed ATI graphics driver from Toshiba, but when I restart the laptop, it won't boot up, keeps restarting just before surposed to go onto windows XP. Please help." and lots of other people had written underneath that that they had the ame problem, Will mine do that? becasue im in the middle of a report for uni and i REALLY need the laptop working.

thanks for your help!

07.04.2006, 12:30
Hi again Marc

I can understand you that you need unit and the problem must be solved very fast. If you want you can back up all your data or copy all of them on the second partition (if there is one) and reinstall the unit with recovery DVD. In 20 minutes the unit will be clean preinstalled and you can finish your work.