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05.04.2006, 22:46

I'd like to upgrade the memory on my Satellite Pro 2100 and I have found compatible parts on the Toshiba website but would like to ask how these would be installed?


06.04.2006, 13:51

At the bottom of the unit you should find a memory slot cover. As far as I know itís placed in the middle.
Under this cover you should find two slots. The one slot uses 256MB module and the second slot should be free.

29.05.2006, 12:28
I would like to know the exact specifications for the RAM. As the Notebook (the Satellite Pro 2100) is kind of old, I am searching for the RAM on the net, but I am not sure about the specifications.
I can't find anything about it on the Toshiba Website.
Would this RAM be compatible?
512MB DDR-SO-Dimm-200-Pin, CL2,5 PC333 (PC2700) compatible to PC266 (PC2100)

29.05.2006, 12:41

Please check this site:
Itís 200-Pin PC2700 (333Mhz) DDR SODIMM

29.05.2006, 12:45

Does that mean the memory-maximum is 512 MB?? I thought the maximum ist 1,024? (as it says here on the official website: http://de.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/selected_product_option.jsp?service=DE&PRODUCT_ID=45089&DISC_MODEL=0)

29.05.2006, 13:33
Hi again

You can upgrade it to 1024MB and itís possible to use 2x512MB.
I think on the 3rd website the information about the max memory is not correct. You should believe to the information on the Toshiba website.
Additional you can use also this 512 module: PA3164U-1M51

29.05.2006, 13:35
Ah, ok! Thank you!

30.05.2006, 11:53

Interestingly the UK Toshiba web-site only lists the SP2100 models as having a capacity of 512Mb RAM. The only listed available spare RAM module is the 215Mb version part number PA3127U-1M25.

Since the Orcalogic database is compiled from the manufaturer's own information, and given that the Orcalogic site is UK based, then that is why they only list the SP2100 as being expandable to 512Mb.

It would be very interesting to know if the SP2100 for the German market is different from the one for the UK market. If so it makes giving valid replies to questions of expansion rather problematic. :-)


08.06.2006, 11:59
So I bought the RAM mentioned above (the 2x 512MB PC333) and I must say it works just perfectly!
The RAM-Maximum is 1024MB, I don't know why the UK specifications are different (quite astonishing)

I'm glad I installed the RAM, the performance increase is realy amazing! (Not only because of the greater amount of RAM but also because the installed RAM is faster: from the installed 256MB PC2100 to 1024MB PC2700!)

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