View Full Version : Dead Sat Pro A30 - it won't even reach BIOS

05.04.2006, 13:21

got a Sat Pro A30 which has suddenly refused to do anything - if I hit the power button, the lights on the front of the case light up briefly (for perhaps half a second), then there's a quiet 'click' and all goes quiet again. I've tried it with & without the battery present, and with and without mains attached. The mains cable seems to be OK, since when connected to the notebook it indicates that the battery is charging.

Any ideas?

05.04.2006, 20:23

There must be something wrong with the hardware. Maybe the motherboard fault.
Unfortunately, I donít think that you can solve it by yourself.
In my opinion the only way to solve it is to contact the ASP. The Toshiba service can run some diagnostic test to find out whatís wrong.

05.04.2006, 21:59
ok, thanks - I'll return it and once I've got a diagnosis I'll leave a note here.