View Full Version : Equium A60-157: Lines on boot screen

04.04.2006, 20:13
Hi, i've got a problem with my Equium A60-157.
When the machine boots up and you get the TOSHIBA LOGO & P4 LOGO there are lines running down the screen is this a fault or a common thing with toshiba's?


04.04.2006, 20:40

I donít think that these lines are a common thing on Toshiba notebooks.
Does this issue occur also after full Windows loading?
Did you see these lines on other applications?

06.04.2006, 20:13
It wont boot to windows, i've wiped the disk and tried installing from a fresh xp cd & recovery disk, with the fresh copy it wont go any further than 30 seconds of the setup just after the kernal debugger loads it comes up with random windows error messages 7 - 14 press any key & it restarts, it's got a new hard disk i thought thats was the fault.... i'm now puzzled?? thanks

20.05.2006, 17:33
I have the same problem. The P4 boot logo has lines running down through it.
Windows still boots but the windows boot logo has lines running through it.

I can get into the BIOS setup and see that half my memory is missing. It should show about 220K but shows 128K instead (video card uses 64k).

When i apply pressure on the case between the keyboard and the mouse to the left a little and then boot the machine, then the logo is normal and inside the BIOS the memory has reappeared. Once i let the pressure go the logo goes funny again (during boot). What i also notice is that in the BIOS (text mode) some pixels in some letters are turning on and off..

My waranty has run out so I've only left with the option of trying to fix it myself.

I can only guess that something is loose on the mainboard.