View Full Version : Portege P3480CT does not support CD and Floppy drive

13.11.2004, 13:26
Can anybody help me with the following:
If i start my Portege up i get the message: Missing operation system....
I've tryed everything to make him work but he doesn't support my CD rom drive and Floppy drive.
Does anybody has a suggestion how to get my Protege work again?

Many thanks


16.11.2004, 15:05
so far as I know does the Portege have an USB Floppy and a PC Card CD-Rom.

Have you checked the Bios Settings of your Notebook, especially here the Boot priority ?

The Bootdisc for Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 2000 do I have in my archive. I this helps you, give me you e-mail so i send you the Bootdiscs.