View Full Version : Can't install Windows 98 on Tecra 540CDT

02.04.2006, 00:58
I have an old TECRA 540CDT which have been working fine until recently. Due to some problems I need to reinstall Windows 98 SE (I think it was 98 SE installed, but it may have been just 98), but the installation stops with a message that the modem drivers are not compatible with windows 98 SE. I have searched for new drivers on Toshibas home page but can not find any. What can I do?

03.04.2006, 20:14

Did you use the Toshiba recovery CD or a original Microsoft windows cd?
I have found only the modem driver for Win95 on the European Toshiba driver page.

On the US Toshiba website I have found a modem driver for Tecra 530CDT for Win98

Maybe it will work. Check it.

04.04.2006, 09:31

I am a little bit confused with the title of your topic. Do you have problems with W98 installation or with modem driver installation?

If you need just a driver it will not be easy because the unit is not supported for W98. I have also checked Toshiba US and Canada and on Toshiba Canada there is driver for W98 ready for download (550 CDT). I donít know if this will help but you can try it.

08.04.2006, 12:03
Hi, thanks for your attempts to help. Concerning the title. I want to install windows 98 SE, but the installation fails due to wrong modem drivers. So if the title should focus on the modem drivers or the original ambition to install windows 98 could of course be discussed.

Anyway, I managed to find a link with new modem-drivers for Window 98 SE (I didn't find it on Toshibas homepage, but the following direct link did the job).


Unfortunately it turned out I have windows 98 and not 98 SE on the computer. And the installation disk I have are not for upgrades from 98 to 98 SE. So I still have a non working pc, until I get hold of the right installation CD. But at least I know how to proceed.