View Full Version : Need Equium L10 screen

31.03.2006, 22:19

Hope someone can help, I have 2 questions. First any one knows a reasonable replace price for the screen. I have had a few quotes but seem a bit steep £200+. Secondly what is the difference between the Equium series and Satellite series?
Thanks in advance for any help

03.04.2006, 14:01

The Toshiba service partner in your country should give you a properly answer to your question about the screen replacement prices.
Check this link. There you will find a Toshiba service in you country:

Well, you know that man Toshiba notebooks series are delivered with different hardware configuration. In my opinion this is the biggest difference. But I canít give you a detailed list about the differences between Satellite Pro series and Equium. There are too many different notebooks. If you want please google for the favourite notebook will find many details.

04.04.2006, 14:31

Unfortunately I can tell you nothing about costs for display replacement. You must check it with different services and choose the best offer.

As far as I know there is no much difference between Satellite and Equium notebooks. i think that units in UK called Equium and in other European countries the identification name is Satellite (L10 or L20).