View Full Version : Qosmio F20-137: connection to Hi Fi

31.03.2006, 17:00
I've attached my Hi Fi to the laptop using the headphone socket (headphone jack to phono lead) and the sound is pretty poor. Is there any other way to do this to get a better result or will I need to buy Toshiba's own surround sound speakers to get decent sound?

04.04.2006, 01:28
A good way for a much better sound is to buy a extern creative audigy 2 ZS.

06.04.2006, 17:23

As far as I know the audio line out S/PDIF is available on this unit.
This output proffers a excellent audio quality. You need a optical S/PDIF cable which you can use in the S/PDIF (headphone) jack.

06.04.2006, 19:40
The sound is poor?? Impossible! The Qosmio has the better sound output of all laptops, still to this date.
Maybe you're missing Virtual Sound or something.
You can get it here:
After you have this installed, let me know if the sound is still "poor" :p


07.04.2006, 11:26

I agree with Alcahest. Try please to change settings in Virtual settings. By the way: Which cable you use for connection. As far as I know you can use optical cable and on this way there is possibility for perfect sound quality.

07.04.2006, 20:21
At the standing notebook I agree that no other can beat the Qosmio at the sound quality.

But if you connect to (for example) a good receiver with good speakers then you will get a difference between normal sound and a audigy 2 ZS.

And you will get 5.1 and so on ;)