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29.03.2006, 19:50
Hello everyone, I am a new user.

I'm having a problem with standby, for one thing if I close the laptop lid it will not wake up again without a full restart. This has all happened since using the Toshiba Restore CD. None of the standby options work. I have tried to use the Toshiba HWsetup Control Panel and get an error "Common module terminated". If I try the Power Saving Control Panel I am told it isn't running and to use the Power Options panel. I have looked in this panel and the Toshiba Power Saver scheme is already selected and under the Advanced tab it already is set to "When I close the lid of my computer" and below that it displays 'Stand by'. If I click on 'Apply' or 'OK' I am told to set up the power saving options in the Control Panel. Therefore we are going round in circles and getting nowhere.

I can't help thinking that I need to reinstall something but I don't know what. Can anyone please help? Can I download a utility to do this? Any help and advice would be appreciated.


31.03.2006, 11:37

In my opinion the standby function doesnít work because of the ďCommon modulesĒ.
This application is very important for further options.
I donít know why the common modules donít work properly, but I would recommend removing the common modules and power saver and after reboot to install the both programs again.

31.03.2006, 16:56

Why you donít give us exactly model description? I am not 100% sure but, as far as I know, some Equium models are delivered without Toshiba power tool.

I believe this must be L10. Give us please notebook model number Lxx-xxx!