View Full Version : Can my Tecra 8000 run XP Home?

24.03.2006, 18:58
Hi all, just joined here and spent the last hour going through the forums.
Ive recently bought a Tecra 8000 which has a 10GB HD, 128mb RAM and Windows 2000. I thought I could upgrade everything and have since found out that I can only safely upgrade the RAM. I am going to fit 2 x 128 Mb ram so will I then be able to run XP home? Also, is there any other performance upgrade I can do?
Many thanks for any replies

24.03.2006, 22:19

You can upgrade the memory of the Tecra 8000 to max 256MB (2x128MB)
These modules you can use:
PC100 128MB (PA3005U)
PC100 64MB (PA3004U)
PC100 32MB (PA3003U)

As far as I know this notebook was delivered with the 6GB. You use 10GB HDD, well in my opinion it should be possible to use a 12 GB but Iím not sure about bigger HDDs.

However, it should be possible to install the Windows XP hope at this notebook.
On this site you will also find necessary drivers:

27.03.2006, 14:47

256 MB RAM is enough for running WXP but please donít expect fantastic performance. If you want you can contact service partner in your country and ask them about 20 GB HDD. They must have info about maximum HDD upgrade.

03.04.2006, 22:55

My Tecra 8000 with P2 299MHz and 192MB (odd number I know!) runs XP Pro ok. In fact it's faster at some things than my Acer with a 1400MHz AMD chip running XP. No idea why.


05.04.2006, 11:24
Thanks for the replies. I have installed XP and it runs better than when I had 2000.