View Full Version : Portege 3440CT Problem running slow XP PRO OS

22.03.2006, 19:20
I have recently purchased the above notebook which is running XP PRO. It has a problem that when turned on it takes 1 hour to load the OS. When the operating system is loaded, any keystrokes or commands can take up to 1/2 hour to acknowledge.

It has worked fine in the past.

It is not displaying any error messages.

I can not run any tests as the OS is so slow.

It has a 50GB hard drive which is unusual for this model.

I want to reload the OS but dont have original Toshiba recovery discs or CD drive, FDD.

If I format the HDD through DOS and request the laptop to boot from CD, which port does it think the CD is connected to. If it is the PCMCIA slot does this not first have to have the drivers loaded.

Does the FDD connect to the port replicator or directly to the notebook and could I boot from here.

I have an XP home disc or Windows 98SE boot floppy.

I have limited knowledge of computers, can any one help please.

23.03.2006, 12:21

If it has worked well in the past how should we now why it doesn’t work well anymore. Who knows what did you done.
I recommend you to:
- “clean up” the OS
- Remove all useless applications
- Scan the HDD for viruses and spyware
- check the msconfig tool and disable all start up items that you don’t need
- use disk defragmenter and the access to the HDD will be faster

If you have a limited computer knowledge talk with your friends. Maybe some of them can help you.

23.03.2006, 18:29
I would love to do what you have suggested but cant as the notebook wont accept any commands.

If someone could explain how you would reload the OS (not from a windows menu) I could probably take it from there.

23.03.2006, 18:58

Maybe this post could be interesting for you:


You need a companion diskette. This you can find on the Toshiba driver page.

28.03.2006, 18:25
If someone could clarify a few points for me.

I have obtained a Toshiba CD-ROM (PCMCIA)
The CD-ROM connects and receives power from the notebook and I can hear the CD rotating.

I have configured the BIOS to boot from the CD.

I place my XP disc in the CD ROM and turn on the notebook.
The CD spins but the XP loading screen appears and the CD stops spinning.
I am then left waiting an hour to load the OS again. This is clearly not loading the OS from the CD.

Should the notebook boot from the CD if I have a XP disc installed.

If not what do I have to do?

29.03.2006, 21:43

As far as I know you will not be able to bootup from WXP CD in external CD-ROM. You can boot just if you use original Toshiba designed recovery media (unfortunately no WXP OS).

It is not easy to install other OS (like WXP) because you need MS-DOS driver for external device. Please visit Toshiba download site and download expansion diskette.

Please check also links posted by Jimi.

03.04.2006, 21:48
Try booting using "Safe" mode. Do this by holding down the F8 key and selecting the Safe boot option.
You should then be able to carry out the clean up procedure as described by another poster.

Unfortunately the Portege 34x0 series requires special CD-drivers to boot from PCMCIA CD-ROM drive. My advice would be to try to purchase an official Portege 3440 CD from somewhere like ebay. I believe the 3440 would have shipped with Windows 98SE originally, so you would need to install 98SE, then perform an upgrade from 98SE to XP.

I did this for a Portege 3490 and it solved a lot of rebuild hassle.