View Full Version : Tecra 8100 TV out problems?? what socket? cable?

22.03.2006, 16:02
ok so I have a Tecra 8100 laptop

>runs all good... except I cant get the TV out socket working...
>Ive got windows XP on it....

first thing I wanna know about is the soket - its a 3.5mm jack socket (NOT RCA or S-vide0)

>so I have finaly managed to get a 3.5mm jack to video, audio cable...
>conected that to TV... nothing

have I got the write cable??

in dispaly properties I have installed the duo drivers and there is some extra options...

>whats confusing me is that there is 2 monitors there.. but is that because of the VGA out socket?
>I have tried tapping FN+F5... but not had any luck

Is there something simple that im missing like a cable?
>or a bit of software...

22.03.2006, 17:10

As far as I know at the right side you will find a Video out jack. To use this video out function you have to use a RCA video connector.
Please also check the settings in the BIOS. There you have to set the type of TV signal and select the television as an output device.

To connect the TV please follow this steps:
1. Turn the computer off
2. Use the composite video cable to connect the TV to the video out port
3. turn the television on
4. turn the notebook on

Hope this helps.

28.05.2006, 03:34

I hope you had resolved your problem. I just set up my TV out and had no probel configuring it.
I bought the following cable from The Source (Canada) or Radioshak US, (I used a Audio cable - supridingly this worked 3.5 mm (4202444N). This cable will only transmit Video - For sound I used a Diff cable - a Stereo cable.