View Full Version : Portege 7220: Can I use the wireless Lan?

21.03.2006, 11:04
Hello, I'm thinking of buying a Portege 7220 but need to know first if it's possible to connect it wireless to my desktop. I know how to configure the desktop but i dont know too much about notebooks yet. Do i need a pcmcia card? or something like that?
Thanks in advance for any answer.

21.03.2006, 11:07
Hi Sandra

You are right. If you want to use WLAN you need PCMCIA WLAN card. You can buy it in every PC store.

21.03.2006, 11:16
Thanks for the very fast answer!
Just to be sure: is a PCMCIA WLAN card difficult to install on a notebook?
And will i have to stay on the docking port to work wireless or is it really mobile?
Thanks again.

21.03.2006, 11:24
Hi again

I donít believe that installation should be complicated. The driver for the card is also delivered. Before you install it read carefully the installation information.

The card is directly on the unit and it must not be on the docking station all the time. Before you buy it check with local dealer the possibility to bring the card back if there is some functionality problem.