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21.03.2006, 03:29
Hello all

I posted a few months ago about some over heating problems, Iíve followed instructions and cleaned the necessary areas, but the problem still occurs
Iíve downloaded a program that monitors the temperature of various aspects of your machine, such as HHD and CPU
It states that my CPU critical temp is 105, yet it never reaches above 86 before it shuts down

Does anyone know if this problem is due to the heat sync or something like that being broken and does anyone know any good free programs that help to manage your CPU and keep it cool?

Has anyone else had this problem, or anything similar?

Thanks in advance


21.03.2006, 20:18

All Toshiba notebooks have preinstalled power management software.
This application managed the CPU and cooling usage.
Usually this application works perfectly and controls many options like CPU processing speed, cooling method, power down settings, etcÖ

If you notebook shuts down because of overheating issue so there must be something wrong with the cooling module. I assume it doesnít work with the full performance.
I can't give you a exactly answer why it doesn't work properly but generally the dust and dirt inside of notebook is responsible for the malfunction. But if this issue persists after cleaning so the cooling module has a fault.

In this case the only way to solve this issue is to contact the Toshiba service. He can check the module.

22.03.2006, 11:34
Hello Jake

In my opinion you should be careful with this and you should not believe that one good ďCPU monitoringĒ application is solution for this issue.

My colleague has Satellite A60-772 and I talked with him about his experience with this unit. His unit is about one and half year. He make something with SQL servers and the unit is permanent under fully load. He has no serious overheating problems but the cooling fan works very often.

I donít know what happen exactly with your unit but the fact is that unit must be cooled properly and this can be done just if the cooling lanes are clean and free from the dust.

I donít now if your unit runs under full speed and how you use it but if there is no solution contact service partner and maybe the unit must be disassembled and cleaned on professional way.


24.03.2006, 12:24
I would be interested to keep an eye on this one, my A60 using the toshiba power management software was set to full power by default, and has recently started to occaisionally just shut down, with no warning it would just kill the power.

I am going to clean the various bits and pieces but ever since i bought it it has been acting like a good space heater and runs very hot.

After the cleaning i will monitor how it carries on and will let you know if i find anything else

The Toshiba power management seems to work well but, if we cannot run the A60 at full power all the time why put it in there?

I think with this happening on a machine less than a year old this will justify the extended warranty.

What program did you download

What cleaning did you do



24.03.2006, 13:57

thanks for the replies

Marcus, ive blown into the fan areas, as suggested, ive done this several times

i down downloaded a program, cant remeber from where, that shows you the CPU temp, and several CPU stress testing programs, most of which cause my a60 to shutdown after no more than an hour

my machine is about a year old as well, and as for the extended warrenty, it doesnt justify it, seeing as you have to pay for it, they should build these machines to solidly last, 3,4,5 years

anyway thanks all, regular cleaning seems to be only option of managing

thanks all