View Full Version : Satelitte Pro 400CS: Can't enable the APM

20.03.2006, 14:33
Good day, I on my Satelitte pro 400Cs Windows ME installed. In the equipment manager the APM support is deactivated. If I it activate and after a restart am it again deactivated. In addition the battery announcement is missing. Standby mode does not go also. If I the utility software downloade indicates it with the battery announcement of the Toshiba program.

What there am I to make?


21.03.2006, 15:27

This unit is a oldie. As far as I know itís about 10 years old.
It was delivered only with the Windows 95 and Win98.
Well, I can not give you a solution for your problem because this unit is too old.
You will be a very luck man if somebody here in the forum will know a answer for your problem. All what I can suggest is to check the BIOS. Maybe there you can enable or change the additionally battery settings.

Good luck