View Full Version : Satellite Pro A10 cutting out + flashing lights

19.03.2006, 22:50
My A10 tends to cut out at times, and this seems to be random. However, the mains-in light blinks orange afterwards. This corresponds to 4 short flashes, 1 long flash, a pause, then 3 short flashes. I have no idea how to interpret this code so could anyone possibly enighten me, as it would be much appreciated!

20.03.2006, 21:26

Usually if the blinking code appears so it must be something wrong with the hardware.
This code can be read by service partner.

Check this topic about the “blinking code” and how to read it:

There you can check the conversion table of binary and hexadecimal numbers.

Nevertheless you should contact the Toshiba service.

21.03.2006, 17:13

I agree with R2D2.
The blinking code appears because of the hardware malfunction.

The short flash means 0 and long flash means 1
In you case it must be: 0000 1000 --> 0001 0000 --> 10h

Well, the service partner should know what is meaning by 10h

22.03.2006, 10:19
Hi Will

I don’t know exactly what the problem can be but I have found info that 10h has something to do with AC adaptor output voltage.

On this way it is not easy to say what the problem can be but the fact is that the system board processor module may be disconnected or damaged. This must be tested correctly and unfortunately you can not do much alone. Contact the service partner in your country and let them check the unit.

Good luck!