View Full Version : Equium L20-197: want to upgrade RAM and CPU

19.03.2006, 19:51
hi there
i recently bought an l20 -197 and though im pleased with the overall package, what i want to do is upgrade the ram and the processor. ive found a supplier for the ram (www.crucial.com), though i need some specifics about the processor such as the what socket it is and if it can actually be upgraded.

20.03.2006, 16:12

Before I try to give you some info about upgrade I just want to comment your posting. Satellite L20 is actually a low budget unit and doesnít cost much. Now you want to invest pretty much money in hardware upgrade. It is really illogical step. Why you didnít pick up more info and bought better unit like Satellite M40 or even M70. For a 300 or 400 Euros more you can have a top unit.

Sorry but the better idea is to sell your one and buy other unit. This is my honest opinion about that.

Now something about your questions: Basically the CPU upgrade is not possible because of permanent connection method. The processors used in portables are connected to the system board using a process called TCP (Tape Carrier Package).

Ram upgrade is possible and makes a sense. Your unit has 512 MB Ram in one slot and unit can handle with 2 GB max.


21.03.2006, 01:02
i didnt buy it it was a gift, personaly its not what i would have chosen anyway thanks for the advice at least i know now.

28.03.2006, 14:32
I wouldn't recommend upgrading. Mind that the cooling system is "optimised" and will probably not be able to handle any additional heat.