View Full Version : Display issue on Satellite Pro L20 - scrambled for 60%

19.03.2006, 19:17
My display is scrambled for 60%
I got a Satellite pro l20 with ati graphics.
There is a white line in the middle of the screen.
Above side see my screen saver and the bottom side is grey.
Please, who can help out?


20.03.2006, 18:50

Does this issue occur in the Windows safe mode?
In the safe mode windows uses own graphic card drivers and if this issue doesnít occur in the safe mode so I assume it could be a graphic driver fault. But if this issue persist in the safe mode so itís a hardware malfunction.
In this case the only way to solve it is to contact the Toshiba service partner in your country.

21.03.2006, 12:22
Hi Bram

I am not sure but I believe that Toshiba use a few different displays (different manufacturers) and it is possible that there is some hardware problem. If you have this kind of problems there is unfortunately nothing to do. Please contact service partner in your country and explain them the situation. I am pretty sure that the warranty is still valid and it will cover the display replacement costs.

Bye and good luck!