View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60 missing or corrupt isapnp.sys

19.03.2006, 19:17
I get this error message when trying to start. I've re-loaded the recovery disk and it made no difference.

20.03.2006, 18:45

This issue may occur if the Isapnp.sys file is damaged or is not present in the path that the error message specifies. To resolve this issue, use Recovery Console to replace the Isapnp.sys file

I have found this Microsoft website. There you can found the instruction how to fix it.

21.03.2006, 12:04

What you mean with: I've re-loaded the recovery disk?

If you use recovery dist and install OS there should not be any problems. The OS will be “clean” preinstalled.
If you want to use recovery disk for Recovery Console it will not work. It works just with Windows XP full version disk.
By the way: If the unit is preinstalled with recovery CD the folder I386 is copied on the HDD and you will find it under C:\.


10.07.2006, 04:16
I have the exact same problem.
All of a sudden I got the message that system32/drives/isapnp.sys was corrupt or could not be loaded.
Out of the blue! I've tried reloading the system using the image CD that came with the machine and it seems to load properly but keeps generating the same message on re-boot.

I'v tried installing Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000 with a valid, known-working installation CDs and shortly into the process I get an ERROR 4 code which means some kind of hardware incompatability.

Of course the laptop is 6 months past its warranty and the help desk at Toshiba has been less than stellar. I'm very upset that I have a laptop that won't re-load its original image or install Windows from a regular CD.

Any suggestings??

12.07.2006, 16:25

If the new installation doesn't solve the isapnp.sys issue so possibly it's a memory module malfunction.
Try to remove the module and test it with another one.

21.07.2006, 05:19
Well, after spending $50 to have it checked out by the local authorized Toshiba repair people, I'm told the video memory is shot and it'll mean a new motherboard. $500 plus and extra $100 to put it in for me.
For that kind of money I can buy a new desktop or throw in a little more for a new laptop.

Thanks for the replies guys