View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60 blank screen

19.03.2006, 16:43
can anyone help
my cat walked across key board and caused all the programs to close down. when switched on again all i get is a blank screen

20.03.2006, 15:31

Can you enter BIOS settings or Toshiba welcome screen?

20.03.2006, 17:41
no all you get is a blank screen when you turn the computor on

20.03.2006, 17:51

Strange, you cat has destroyed your notebook.
Sorry but itís unbelievable.
Maybe the cat has switched the display to the external monitor?
Try to connect the external display. Maybe you will see something.
Check also if itís possible to use the FN+F5 key to change the display devices.

If all this tips donít work, well, try to recover the unit. If it doesnít work, contact the Toshiba service.