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19.03.2006, 01:47
I own an old Satellite Pro, a 460 CDT including enhanced Port Replicator III (P1, 166 MHz), installed is Windows 2000 SP 4.

Device Manager shows me there is a problem with USB Controllers, there is a "not supported NEC USB-to-PCI-Openhost-Controller", Driver has not been installed by Windows. Deinstalling and searching new Hardware will not change anything.

USB is nessecary for the planned use.

So, is there any hint for a working driver?

20.03.2006, 14:03
Hi Ralf

Problem is that this unit is not supported for Win 2000 and on Toshiba download page you will not find anything. As far as I know this unit is about 10 years old and I think that you expect a little bit too much from this oldie.

If you want to use it with full performance and preinstalled well install supported OS Win 95. For Win 95 you will find all drivers and tools on Toshiba download page.

22.03.2006, 00:49
Well, I know this unit is pretty old, but it works (except USB). As for the planned old-time use ubs is needed, I wanted to install an OS that has an nearly up-to date usb-support that is not been given under Windows 95.

As the soundcard has an acceptable quality, i want to plug the unit at my home-hifi for mp3 playback via an usb harddisk. This harddisk is ntfs formatted, so it is not really clever to use an OS without NTFS support.

Really, the power of this unit is enough for planned use.

I only need a hint where to find a working usb driver.

Thanks. :-)

22.03.2006, 15:02

You have suggested in the first post that you use the W2k OS.
In my opinion you should install all necessary Microsoft service packs.
There a four service packs for the W2k.

If the USB control can not be recognized properly please choose the option install(refresh) driver and choose the windows\system32 folder as the driver source.

Hope this help.

23.03.2006, 00:10
Hello Jeffrey!

As I wrote in my opening post, I use Win 2000 SP 4. Usually this means Servicepack 4. All post-SP 4 Patches are installed too. The System is up-to-date.

Deinstalling USB support or refreshing driver as you have mentioned i have allready tested. It won't change anything.

Thanks for your tip, but as a sysadmin I know what to do and now I only need a hint for a working USB Driver.

23.03.2006, 14:44
Hi Ralf

I have investigated a little bit in the forum and found this useful Microsoft document about USB under W2k.
But as a system admin you should already know this document ;)

Maybe also this interesting site will help you to solve your issue


23.03.2006, 16:38
Hi Jimi!

The MS KB article is known, but it does not fix the problem. There is no Problem with USB devices, because the USB Controller is not working. Without working USB controller, no external USB device will work. ;)

More helpfull was the second link I did not knew before. I do not support Toshibas very often (it means, I am happy to get one unit a year under my fingers), I work more with other laptops. But, returning to the point, the second link says under section "Computer with known USB problems":
"Some older Toshiba laptops shipped with USB ports that used the NEC USB Host Controller HW Rev 000 and 001.
This USB Host Controller has known issues that can not be corrected.
This is a very unhappy solution, but it is a solution.

Thanks for your help, Jimi.

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24.04.2006, 12:15
I had this exact same problem but on XP home for my 460cdx, I searched everywhere for an answer and came across this page. I uninstalled the "unsupported NEC PCI to USB Open Host Controller" driver several times as mentioned above but no joy.

I eventually got it to work by:

Go into device manager then update driver, then select install from a list, and on the next screen select, don

03.05.2006, 01:49
install chipset for windows 2000 and common modules also for win2000.