View Full Version : Win 2000 on Tecra 8000 PII 233

17.03.2006, 22:32
Should this work okay. When I load the Tosh hardware utility it installs fine, but when I try to access it I get an error and it won't open. Do I need common modules?, can't find any for this.
regards Mick

20.03.2006, 11:57
Hi Mick

It is very interesting question but obviously there is no ďCommon modulesĒ tool for this machine. I canít really give you any answer but try to reinstall the utility.

I donít see any reason why the w2k should not work ok on this unit. It will be very nice if you can give us some feed back about that.

Thanks and good luck!

20.03.2006, 15:41

The problem is that this unit was not delivered with the W2k OS and there is also no Toshiba recovery CD for this OS.
It would be very interesting to know the details of this error message.
Maybe then we can find out why itís not possible to run the utilities.