View Full Version : Portege 3490CT - Fan replacement

17.03.2006, 20:10
My portege has started freezing after about 10-15mins of use and the internal fan doesn't seem to be kicking in any more.

I am assuming it's the fan that is causing the problem as the screen stays the same (i.e probably not graphics problem) and there are no odd blue screens or errors and CTRL ALT DEL does nothing..

I've had the laptop apart and checked for dust and the fan connection and it all seems ok.

Is it possible to pickup a fan assembly on it's own, or does it come attached to the heatpipe (it's back together now and can't remember what it looks like!)

Do the entire 3400 series use the same fan assembly?

Apologies for all the questions but i really need my little laptop working again

Many thanks :)

18.03.2006, 11:31
Well it's totally stripped down again....any suggestions other than running a low voltage through the fan to test it?

I can't take it off easily as the thermal compund on the processor is pretty thick rather and i'd rather not upset it at the moment.

20.03.2006, 15:13

It seems that your notebook hangs or shuts down because of high temperature inside of notebook. Mostly this issue happens because of dust and dirt. The fans cannot work with the full performance. I donít think that you need to replace the cooling module. Maybe the full clearing of the module and fans will solve the problems. Check also the settings in the power saver.

Iím not 100% sure about the fan replacing on this unit because I donít know if itís only a fan or the whole module which must be removed. But the best way to find it out is to contact the Toshiba service. There you can also order the new and compatible parts.