View Full Version : Intermittent dark / very dim screen on my Sat Pro 1110

17.03.2006, 14:23
I have a satellite pro 1110 laptop and the screen keep going dark. It only happended occasionally but now it's happening almost all the time. I can just about see the images on the screen, but it is so dark that I can't read anything. The last time it went dark it flickered a few times before it actually went dim. I have tried adjusting the brightness using the fn key but that has no effect. I have taken it to a pc repair centre and they suggested it could be one of 2 probs:
-faulty inverter, but they have never encounted a intermittent inverter prob so they can't be 100% sure
-faulty screen

I don't want to go ahead with either as they are unsure whether they will fix the problem. Could anyone shed any more light on this?



17.03.2006, 14:37

I agree with the repair centre guys; there must be a faulty FL inverter.
Sorry, there is nothing to do. You should contact the Toshiba service in your country to replace this part.

17.03.2006, 14:38
thanks for replying. are you 100% it is the inverter? or is there a chance that it won't fix the prob?

17.03.2006, 14:48
There is actually a switch that dims the screen when the cover is closed. On older models this can be a seperate PC board, connected to the motherboard. When this goes bad, it starts off intermittently flickering dark, and in some cases when the switch shorts it stays dark.
Can be confused with an inverter problem in alot of cases. Your repair center should have tried another inverter that works and put it on your portable and checked.
To be %100. Otherwise it can even be the cable that goes between the inverter and the display. It happens very little. But it does happen.
This as well can cause the problem. And I have encountered alot of intermittent inverter problems as well.

I hope this helps.

19.03.2006, 21:53
thanks for that...i'll have a nother word with the service people and tell them what you said.
fingers crossed they can fix it!!