View Full Version : Tecra 8000: Question about upgrade possibility

16.03.2006, 15:29
i have a tecra 8000 with a 300mhz pentium 2 processer and was wondering if this could be up graded ? any help would be appreciated thanks.

17.03.2006, 11:02

Well, generally it’s not possible to upgrade the processor because the cpu is fixed and soldered on the motherboard. But sometimes the CPU is only mated. I’m not sure about this unit but as far as I know this unit was delivered with Pentium II Dixon 400 233MHz, 333MHz and 400MHz.
But if you want to upgrade the CPU you have to change many other parts because the stronger processor produce more warmness and this process could cause the overheating issues.
If you want so you can ask the Toshiba service for details.

17.03.2006, 18:54

In my opinion it is not worth to upgrade this “oldie”. If you want better performance put the maximum RAM (256 MB) and on this way you can use it with Windows 95 or even Windows 98.

20.04.2006, 19:43
We run Windows ME on our Tecra 8000 and it works very stable, but pretty slow.