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15.03.2006, 18:59
i'm the owner of a satellite pro 4600 notebook, worked fine until some days back. I've reinstalled xp pro, it was running fine until I changed some settings in my bios concerning the battery) then it stopped
if I push the powerbutton only the on led is burning i hear a little click from the floppy and that's it when the laptop is pluged in the on led the adaptor led and the battery led burns.
if I hold the powerbutton while removing the battery and put it back while pressing the button the fans come on the screen lights up without logo or text.
I've found a lot on forums of this problem with this model but no solution

anyone an idea ?

17.03.2006, 10:50

It’s very strange because in my opinion a changing of some battery settings in the BIOS don’t induce such issues.
In the battery area in the BIOS you can change the settings like processing speed, cpu sleep mode, cooling method, etc…
What you can do is set the BIOS to default values. In this case you have to use the ‘HOME’ button.
But if after this procedure the notebook doesn’t work so I assume that there is something wrong with the hardware. In this case you have to contact the service.

17.03.2006, 14:44
can't login with my bikkerss account so I used an other one

I found a lot of forums with this problem meanly after using hibernation under xp so i think it isn't a hardware problem but the bios
the symptoms are exact the same always on a satellite pro 4600

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23.03.2006, 21:34
How can I remove this cover ?
I have already removed the keyboard


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23.03.2006, 21:59

Well, if you want to remove the cover you have to remove also the screws which you can find at the bottom of the unit.

24.03.2006, 12:48
Can this be done without removing the display ?

24.03.2006, 12:57

The disassembling procedure is not known to me but the fact is that you must turn around the notebook many times and if the unit is open it is not easy.