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15.03.2006, 02:56
I can't connect any mp3 player cause ask for the drivers.

15.03.2006, 11:53

I canít understand you!
Why you donít post more information about you unit, the mp3 player you software, connection, etc.
How should we give you a proper answer?
Usually all extended devices should be delivered with a own drivers.

15.03.2006, 14:39

Then you must install the driver. Sorry if you are not satisfied with the answer but there is no way to give you better one. Give us more info.

15.03.2006, 17:18
operating sistem xp home. i connect the player by usb and it recognize " new hardware found", bad it ask for the installation cd.But whith XP it would be necesary

15.03.2006, 18:51
Hi Miguel,

Windows XP has a large number of drivers to cover almost all types of attached devices but it is always likely that manufacturers will provide there own drivers which are spceific to their peripherals.

Your MP3 player should have come with an installation CD together with instructions on whether or not you need to load the contents before you connect your MP3 player to your notebook.

Connecting the MP3 player first without loading the CD may well cause XP to associate the wrong device driver.

I suggest you check the user instructions for your MP3 player.


15.03.2006, 19:34
i try whith several mp3 players and is imposible. i think i loose de drivers. can i recovery them?

16.03.2006, 10:59

If you have installed the drivers in the past and if the mp3 player has worked so you can try to use the system restore tool to roll back the OS.
But if you want to recover the OS with the Toshiba recovery CD so you can do it but you will not find any drivers for the mp3 players on this CD.

16.03.2006, 15:30
Can you please tell us which notebook model you have? The mp3 player model will be also interesting.

Usually if you use USB mp3 player the drive will be recognized automatically without any drivers installation.

16.03.2006, 17:50
Hi Barrie thats what i say. in XP is not necesary any driver, it have to be recognizad but dont do it.
Hi R2D2 i have an a50-110 notebook and i try with several mp3 players

123 curt
02.04.2006, 21:28
yo mate will u tell me wat 2 do if my computer wont pick up my mp3 player plz or do u no any site what might beable 2 get the drivers 4 it

from curt