View Full Version : Sat Pro 6000 (PS600E-04T8S-EN): Need a parts list.

14.03.2006, 23:32
Hi there. Can anyone please help a newbie. I am trying to repair some old (2 laptops) of the same make. I have the maintenance manual, but I would like a list of parts and part numbers so that I can purchase the correct parts to repair them.

Can anyone help?


15.03.2006, 10:43

Unfortunately you will not find any part lists on the Toshiba website.
You can visit the Toshiba options and accessories site:

But there you will find only a additionally compatible devices.

Additionally you can check this site:
There you can find compatible parts with Satellite Pro 6000 but you know, itís not a official Toshiba site.


15.03.2006, 14:15
Hi Sam

As far as I know there is no official Toshiba part list available but if you need some parts for those units you can find everything on the net. Google a little bit and you will find a lot of web pages with listed notebook parts for many different units.

15.03.2006, 18:38
Thanks anyway, but I need to order parts and I want to make sure I have the correct part any ideas?

16.03.2006, 11:17

I agree with other guys here; on the Toshiba website you will not find any part lists!
Check the link which Eldorado has suggested or contact the Toshiba service.
The authorized service partner should has all information about compatible parts.