View Full Version : Satellite A10 will no boot up - blinking code

Andrew Kelly
13.03.2006, 23:03
Ok at first i was getting the blinking orange light 00000010 (40h) and after playing about i now get the green DC light but when i press the power button the Screen flashs for a split second and so does the dvd light but NO power on light or power. I have striped the system down to just the board and cant find any dry points or what would look like any problem.

Here is the link to hexdecimal convertion in case anyone is trying to find it.


remember to read the blinking lights backwards.
mine was 00000010 so thats 01000000 = 40h

Anyway any help with my problem woulod be great.

14.03.2006, 11:24

In my opinion there must be something wrong with the power supply electronics, as I have suggested in your other posting.
Please check this post:

In my opinion you should contact the ASP.

14.03.2006, 14:58
Hi Andrew

Hexadecimal code can be “read” by service partner. When the microcontroller detects some defect in power supply the blinking code will be sent. You can not do anything alone. Contact service partner in your country and ask what the best solution is.

You can find them on http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_gaspLocator.jsp?pf=true