View Full Version : EA60-155 keeps turning itself off

12.03.2006, 21:56

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. My computer keeps turning itself off with no warning when the battery is full and everything seems to be running OK. It's only started doing this in the last couple of weeks and occasionally it won't do it, but usually it will cut out.

Would anyone be able to give me an idea of what the problem is - whether it's the battery, AC adapter, or something more in depth?

13.03.2006, 17:50
Hi Sammi,

Unexpected power-offs are usually a sign of over-heating. There is a built in thermal switch to do just this if the CPU temperature is getting too hot.

Make sure that the cooling fans are working properly and that there is not a build up of dust in the CPU heatsink. (Check that you can feel warm air coming out of the notebook when it is running).

Check the various forum boards for other posts relating to this problem.


13.03.2006, 22:38
Thanks very much. That only occured to me earlier today and so whilst using it I kept checking to make sure the fan was cool and it hasn't switched itself off.

Thanks for your help :-)

14.03.2006, 11:46
Nice to hear, that you have solved the problem.
This could be very interesting for other forum users.

Cheers :)