View Full Version : Tecra 8100 Internet Password

12.03.2006, 18:52
I have recently purchased a used Tecra 8100, attempts to connect to the internet appear to be failing either because the equipment was previously used on a LAN with a supervisor password (which I don't know), or because the modem tone signal is missing (as reported during the `dial-up'), maybe the two are connected.
How can I get rid of the supervisor password, which inserts itself in the `dial-up' box automatically ?

14.03.2006, 16:49

As far as I know you can not delete the supervisor password without to know the old one.
I have found this Toshiba document which describes how to setup the Supervisor Password with Toshiba Assist Utility?

But in my opinion the supervisor password has nothing to do with the ‘dial-up box’.
I assume you use the modem connectivity to connect to the internet? Am I right?
If you can not connect so please check the modem properties. There you will find the ‘dial control area’. There you can disable the option ‘Wait for dial tone before dialing’.

14.03.2006, 17:01

I don’t know if this can help but check the Internet properties in control panel. Under Connections tab you can change the Dial-up settings.