View Full Version : DVD-BURNERS Supported by SatellitePro 4600

08.11.2004, 18:20
I've a SatellitePro 4600 and I want to change my CD-Rom with a DVD-Burner , I've tryed with a DVR-K12D but system does not recognize it under win Xp Pro .
What I've to do ? Which settings I've to modify ?
This DVD burner works fine under many others Notebooks from other manufacturers and a Toshiba Satellite 1730CD.
Why with this not ?

16.11.2004, 13:09

I only know that the Satellite Pro 4600 Series has a fixed mounted CD/DVD drives built in. Normally you can't change it!


18.11.2004, 22:46

a friend of mine wanted also upgrade his SP4600 with a DVD-Writer. But I had to told him as Enrico said that the drive is fiexed mounted!

So I could be very complicated to find a Drive which fits!

But did you think about an external solution like USB 2.0 or Firewire based DVD-Writer. USB 2.0 and Firewire could be upgraded by PCMCIA Cards!

Bye Rudi