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12.03.2006, 00:02

Ive had my Toshiba laptop a couple of weeks now and the stability of the wireless connection is starting to grind on me..

I had an older Toshiba laptop which I connected to my linksys router through a linksys wireless PC card.. absolutley no problems at all with it for over a year..

Since buyng this one with built in wireless, the only way I cn get the Toshiba connectivity dctor to detect the connection is too disable the "non broadcast" feature of my router, my neighbour has commented he could get on my network!..

Also sometimes when the PC is booting up the "LAN" and "wirless" Icons on the start up bar take ages to appear... and when they finally do the wireless one has a yellow triangle with exclamation mark in it...and internet doesnt work...

Some times it is taking me 3 or 4 times rebooting my computer and router to get them to recognise each other..

This is definitely a problem on the laptop.. as I still can connect everytime without fail on the other laptop (which is now my wifes) and I hve a desktop PC upstair which uses a netgear PCI wireless crd and that connects no problem every time...

I cn sort of deal with it, but its bugging me why I cant even detect the connect to the network when the broadcast is disabled (even when Ive found it by scanning with me inputting the network name)..

Ive tried linksys.. but cant find anything, and as i say.. my other PCs are working no problem at al...

14.03.2006, 16:08

Disabling an Access point SSID Broadcast function just prevents it from transmitting the SSID.
If you want to know more about the wireless technology or about router settings please check this useful site:

But know to the Wlan card which is installed in this unit. Itís a Intel 2200BG wlan card and if you will look on the other postings there are many questions about this wlan card.
Generally the wlan card driver update will solve some connectivity issue and also the disabling of the Power save mode in the wlan card properties.

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