View Full Version : CD drive disappeared Satellite Pro A10

11.03.2006, 18:16
Recently when I started up my laptop I noticed an IDE #1 ERROR, I wasnt sure what this was so I ignored it. When my computer started up the cd drive had gone. Since this happened I have used the backup cds to restore the computer but the cd drive does not appear in Windows. This seems to be a problem with Windows and not the cd drive as I can boot from a cd. I really need some help fixing it.

So far I've already tried removing the upperfilter and lowerfilter from the registry and it didn't work. I do have an external cd drive and have looked for the drivers on the Toshiba Driver CD but couldn't find them.

Anyone know what the problem could be?


14.03.2006, 15:21

Well, in my opinion there could be two possibilities:
a)IDE controller could be dead
b) the drive connection could be not 100%

I donít see any other possibility as to contact the service partner
He should check the controller and the connection