View Full Version : Does wireless pci card need antenna? - SP L10

10.03.2006, 00:19
Hi all,

I just installed a wireless pci card in my Sat Pro L10. No probems there, it found and installed it normally but I'm wondering if I need Antenna? I thought they would be already inside my unit but I couldn't see any. Please tell me if i need to purchase and connect these aswell.

10.03.2006, 17:06

Yes. All WiFi ready units have wireless antenna.
Near the wireless pci card slot there you can find antenna cables (black and white cable with small plug connector).

10.03.2006, 21:17
I have removed the cover and taken out the mini pci card. I've looked as far inside the unit as i can with a torch and I can't see any wires, cables ect anywhere? Do you have a direct Email addy or telephone number so I can contact Toshiba directly to find out if the L10 is normally fitted with antenna.


20.03.2006, 21:59
Hi follie,

I am planning to do the same thing as you did. Installing a wireless pci card. But I am trying to figure out which card I can use. Can you tell what pci card you used?

Greetings, Bosbeer