View Full Version : Question about using Intervideo DVD Creator on my Libretto

09.03.2006, 16:19
Good afternoon. I am using WinDVD Creator version Version 2.0B014.339C33-SE001, on my Libretto. I am creating a presentation containing ten video clips. I have managed to get all of these in place, and have explored the transition options so that they link neatly. However, whichever transition I choose, and however low I put the transition duration in the Options (down to one second), the transition nibbles the last few scenes from each clip as it changes into the next.

What I would really like is to be able to put a 10-second pause between clips, so that each clip plays in its entirety, the screen blanks for 10 seconds, and then the next clip starts. Is this possible?

I have contacted the Intervideo support people, but they say that they do not support bundled software, so that's jolly useful. Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

09.03.2006, 18:36
Hi Susan,

I am not familiar with WinDVD Creator but most of the video editing software packages use a similar techinique so hopefully my Ulead Videostudio tips may be helpful.

Firstly, all transitions will generally overlap the last few frames of the 'A' video clip, and also the first few frames of the 'B' video clip. This is necessary in order for the transition to work. My usual trick to avoid this where I don't want to lose any video is to insert a 'blamk piece of video in between the real clips. Luckily Ulead provide some sample video clips (including said blank clips), but I have also recorded a small section of totally blank video on my camcorder (I left the lens cap on deliberately) which I downloaded.

Oddly when I tried this with Nero Vision Express it refused to download the clip believing there to be no signal.

I would check if WinDVD includes any sample video clips (check for any Samples folders in the WinDVD file folders)