View Full Version : Modem Problem Install !!

07.11.2004, 16:28
Hi ,

I have reinstall the new OS ,when I try to install a modem with the last driver the peripherals return with error (Mark Yellow).
I read in internet knowledge and forum.The problem is a regfile, this file is in cd tools in sound driver.
I look in a dir on the cd but i not find it.
Someone can help my !!!

09.11.2004, 22:42

it would be easier for the community to know which Notebook do you have? Which old and new OS do you have?

Where did you got the Modem Driver from Toshiba Homepage or from Tools&Utilities CD?


Bye Bob

07.12.2004, 19:31
normally the Tools and Utility have an Autorun function.

After the Autostart of the CD Rom an Internet Explorer Menu appears an you can choose which driver you need.

After selection of the driver an pop up menu tell you exactly where find the driver on the CD Rom !